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Our Offer

As a trading company, we import and export PV components and provide our customers with modules and inverters.  In addition, we assist our clients to secure financing, facilitate the acquisition of solar and wind farms at different stages of development and offer companies in the energy field comprehensive consulting services through our parent company, EXXERGY Management Consulting GmbH.

Commission Business

  • Brokering  of contracts
  • procurement of specific products and required quantities

Quality Assurance

  • Audits of the manufacturer
  • Review of financial key indicators
  • Spot check on current production
  • Up to 100% control of off-line, including flash and electroluminescence
  • Production and shipping control
  • Assist producers in introducing efficient processes and TQM practices

Trading Business

  • Import and export of modules, inverters, energy storage systems and transformer
  • Establishment of a complete quality control

Purchasing Consortium

The plan is to form a purchasing consortium for small and medium-sized companies in the PV industry.  System vendors and project developers are to be won as partners and participate with equity equivalent means in the company.  For they participate in the profits and enjoy more advantages:

  • Special rates
  • Quality Assurance
  • Monitoring the supply chain
  • Support in project financing
  • Attainment of suppliers' credits
  • Development of a warranty guarantee
  • Support during product development

Intermediary Services


Green Power projects: Sourcing of solar and wind farms in various stages of approval: from “ready for approval”projects to turn-key systems to already in-use parks

Finance Sourcing: equity, debt


Through our parent company EXXERGY GmbH, we offer comprehensive consulting services in the fields of strategy, market development, finance, technology, process improvement and human resources.  Our Alliance of Competence has a large pool of experienced consultants, providing our customers with practical solutions from a single source.  For an overview of our complete consulting services, click here.